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Fun rebus puzzle game
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Rebus 2
Work your way through 30 new challenging rebus puzzles, can you rank in the top scores for time, tries, and levels completed. Show your smarts in this challenging puzzle game!
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Red Remover
Help put red out of its misery while taking good care of green. Who cares about blue.
Red Remover Player Pack Icon
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Red Remover Player Pack
Levels created by players like you for the game "Red Remover".
Shape Inlay Brain Game Icon
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Shape Inlay Brain Game
In this shape matching puzzle game you must place shapes in the right position to complete the grid. Drag and drop the passing shapes onto the open spaces, but don't let too many pass by.
Shot Icon
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Drag and move the ball so that it hits another ball. Knock all balls off, leaving just one remaining ball.
Single Noble Icon
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Single Noble
Eliminate as many checker pieces as possible. The ultimate feat is to leave only one piece in the middle of the board. Good luck!
Stacks Icon
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Compete to knock green blocks from the stack before your opponent. Charge up your shots for a more powerful blast to push blocks even farther.
Straight Dice Icon
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Straight Dice
Click on any die and all dice of that color will increase by one. Your goal is to earn bonus points by getting vertical or horizontal straights of numbers of three or more. Don't forget, you have only a limited amount of clicks to get a straight.
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Connect all of the nodes with a strand. Each of the nodes will indicate how many stands will need to be connected to it. Once you have made all of the correct connections, you will move on to the next level.
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Sugar, Sugar
Draw lines with your mouse to get enough sugar in the cups.
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The Tower Of Math
In this math game you must complete each equation on the right side of the tower to make it equal to the number on the left. Use mouse to move and select numbers to place inside your equations.
UpBot Goes Up Icon
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UpBot Goes Up
This puzzling puzzler is quite puzzling! Use your mouse and lift click to navigate the colored bots around the board to their corresponding targets. Bots can push one another, which you will soon be doing a lot of. Good luck!
Wheelbox The Fallen Star Icon
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Wheelbox The Fallen Star
Explore a strange and dark world as you roll your way through various puzzles and obstacles. Collect pieces of a shattered star and make your way to each exit as you fight to save your planet.
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Wiggi-Hero math race
Choose your character and make a dash across the finish line by solving addition, subtraction and multiplication questions!
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